Love letters

I feel incredibly proud to share with you some of the words of brides, grooms and clients who I’ve worked with. Being involved with someone’s wedding or business is a massive privilege, so I really appreciate it when they take time to send me some feedback...

“You are amazing! We both absolutely love the report; Chara said that it's one of the best decisions we made throughout the whole wedding planning process to have you and I totally agree. Somehow your words managed to completely transport us back to the wedding day, and we were both there with tears in our eyes wishing we could do it all over again!”

“We feel so special to have had you, The Wedding Reporter, at not only one wedding but two! Thank you Emma, you have an amazing gift and the words that you have written for us will be treasured forever. They go hand in hand with all our beautiful photograph and will do a fantastic job at keeping our memories fresh. We will read it to our three children when they are a little older and I know it will become a family favourite. And, on days when life might get in the way of the love, we will read this and remember that love is everything. We will be transported back to the weekend we were surrounded by all our family and friends and promised to love each other for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh Emma, it’s absolutely beautiful. You even made the unfinished garden sound magical! Thank you! You captured everything so well and we laughed out loud! It was an amazing day and night for us and you have done us really proud.”

“I just love the notion of capturing your wedding day in writing, I truly think that it’s a totally wonderful idea and you’d be foolish not to try to stretch the last of your wedding budget on something so romantic, so unique, so beautifully delivered in every way.” 

“We love all the photos, film and music from our launch event, but there’s something very special about Emma’s writing that evokes the magic of the day. It’s hard to believe that Emma wasn’t sat in a corner writing it all down as she seems to have captured everything that was going on! That’s one of the reasons we think she’s so clever; on your wedding day you can’t possibly take everything in, but Emma’s wedding reports ensure that nothing gets missed and because she’s so passionate about weddings, she immerses herself in the couple and the details of their day. Even reading the reports of people we don’t know makes us a little teary because Emma truly makes you feel as if you were there. Photos of a wedding day are essential and at Parallel Venues we think the services of our Writer in-Residence should be too!”