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There is no greater love story than two people publicly devoting themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.

The Wedding Reporter is a unique new concept in the bridal industry, offering a couture service to discerning brides and grooms who would like a literary legacy of their day.

Scouring the country for the most exquisite weddings, The Wedding Reporter produces creative, non-fiction accounts from the matrimonial frontline in order to create a physical, hardback story of your day.

The Wedding Reporter was created out of a passion for both words and love; combining the two into something that people can treasure for generations is both a privilege and an honour.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts Ideas

The tradition of exchanging gifts to observe a wedding anniversary dates back to the Middle Ages and is believed to have been about providing the couple with good luck. Today anniversary gifts are exchanged as tokens of love for one another. Though there is a modern version of the gift-per-anniversary idea many still opt to follow the age-old traditional list. For those struggling to come up with a gift for their loved one the traditional gifts by anniversary can make it a little easier. 

Traditional anniversary gift ideas vary by year and nationality. Some other popular anniversary gifts include flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. For a more unique idea, consider having fun at UK bingo sites. Bingo is fun and exciting, and the best part is that you can play from the comfort of your home, making it a great way to celebrate your anniversary without leaving the house.

Following are the traditional anniversary gifts and some ideas for each:

Anniversary Year The Correct Gift
1st Paper – Diary, notebook, photo album, monogrammed writing paper, books, Bible, love letter, handwritten poem
2nd Cotton – Clothing, cushions/pillows, monogrammed handkerchiefs, scarf, tote bag
3rd Leather – Wallet, handbag, overnight bag, briefcase, leather-bound Bible, jacket
4th Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk – Wine, flower bouquets, floral jewelry, silk tie, clothing, garden plants, potted indoor plants
5th Wood – Decorative wooden items, furniture, hand carved items, picture frames, bowls
6th Iron / Candy – Chocolate, cast iron cookware, decorative items, paperweight
7th Wool/ Copper – Knitted items, Moscow Mule mugs, decorative items, wall art
8th Bronze – Decorative items, cufflinks, belt buckle, statue
9th Pottery – Vase, figurines, decorative plates, dining ware, coffee mugs
10th Tin/ Aluminum – Home décor items, hip flask, water bottle, bar ware, wall art
11th Steel – Stainless steel home goods, sculptures, jewelry, watch
12th Silk – Ties, scarves, bed sheet set, underwear, silk screen art work, other clothing items
13th Lace – Table linens, lace clothing items, lingerie, curtains
14th Ivory – Jewelry, elephant-themed art/figurines, donation to elephant sanctuary, piano
15th Crystal – Glassware, decanters, jewelry, figurines, chandelier, vase, candle holders, kitchen/dining wares, paperweight
20th China – Dinner service, figurines, flower pots, candle holders, tea service, platters
25th Silver – Goblets, jewelry, photo frames, key ring, paperweight, cufflinks
30th Pearl – Jewelry, mother-of-pearl décor items
35th Coral – Figurines/sculptures, vacation to coral reef, tropical fish aquarium
40th Ruby – Jewelry, ruby-colored home décor items/table linens, ruby-colored glass items
45th Sapphire – Jewelry, sapphire blue-colored glass/home décor items/linens
50th Gold – Jewelry and gold-colored items by eternityrose.ca, candle holders, money clip
55th Emerald – Jewelry, emerald green-colored glass items/vase
60th Diamond - Jewelry. Find out why diamond is gifted for the 60th Wedding Anniversaty